Apply to the Stonewall Farm School Today!

Stonewall Farm School 

Many rewards come out of farming. Some would like to change professions. Others do it out of love for the land or a commitment to linking farms and communities.

This is where the Stonewall Farm School can help. The Stonewall Farm School entails a year-long program in our organic dairy or garden, giving interested folks the practical farming skills and business background to explore a career in farming. We emphasize hard work, critical thinking, and  appropriate technology for small farms.

Students will operate our micro-pasteurizer, hydroponic fodder system, Cool-bot refrigeration, and maple sugaring equipment on our year-round farm.

Stonewall Farm School’s year-long program starts in the fall. Tuition includes housing, a food stipend, and the potential to be a paid intern in the summer season. Applications continue to be reviewed on a rolling basis.

To Apply: 

Feel free to download our Stonewall Farm School (SFS) Application Binder. If you prefer a hard copy or have other questions about the Farm School, you can e-mail Joshua Cline at or call him at 603-357-7278 ext. 107.

2013 Stonewall Farm Hand Mali Jay!

2013 Stonewall Farm Hand Mali Jay!


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