Meet Heather Gringeri, Events Coordinator

Heather Portrait

Education Background

I acquired my Bachelor’s Degree at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH. While attending the University I studied Recreation Management and Policy, Departmental Option: Program Administration. While there, I also obtained a minor in Justice Studies and Business Administration.

How I Decided This was the Career for Me

Deciding on a major at UNH was actually a daunting task for me.  It took numerous visits with my advisor, my entire freshman year really, to decide what I would study. Looking back I had always been a planner. In High School I was involved in many recreational activities some of which allowed me to plan social events, class events, fundraisers, etc.  Elaborating on some of my experiences during my advising appointments pushed me more and more so in the direction of RMP basically a fancy name for (event management).

Work Experience

My biggest accomplishment in my high school years really set my on the journey to becoming an Event Coordinator. In High School I had an excellent opportunity to join the prom committee which used my floor plan for our Italian Garden Themed $13,000.00 wedding; complete with a gym full of turf cobblestone pathways, and a working stone water fountain.

Throughout college my major was fortunate enough to give me tons of hands on experience. Some of my experience started to take off my sophomore year of college where I had the opportunity to work with Durham Parks and Recreation to take over planning Spookfest which was an event the organization had experienced a lack of time to plan. I also worked with the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company my sophomore year to plan the 2010 UNH Homecoming Cruise which was a kick off to the homecoming weekend. The summer after my junior year I was also fortunate enough to find an internship. For fourteen weeks I worked fulltime at Visit Canada ltd. in Portsmouth, NH where I helped create/price trip itineraries, prepare client documents, book trips with clients, as well as with vendors.  During my senior year I was rehired with the company and fulfilled the role of Operations Coordinator assisting all departments. School also allowed for a few other great opportunities including event coordinating for Todd’s Trott 5k race/walk, volunteering with Newmarket Heritage Festival, and also with Dover Apple Harvest Day, etc.

As graduation neared, by job search not only began, but intensified! To begin my search I had started researching for positions near my hometown. Really I was just looking for anything that could give me more experience in Event Coordination. Naturally, being a planner, not knowing what was going to happen with my future after graduation was extremely overwhelming.  I had originally interviewed for an event staff position with the Farm, unsure of where my future was going to really take me, I was not going to close the door on that opportunity, but was simply going to keep the door open for whatever was going to happen. A week later it seemed the door suddenly led to the perfect opportunity with the Event Coordinator position opening at the farm. I was beyond ecstatic! Two days after graduation I began working at the Stonewall Farm in Keene, NH. Taking on the role has been a welcome and exciting challenge. It really is neat to continue doing what I love, something that I am familiar with, working for a business I had actually been unfamiliar. I have learned a lot about the nonprofit business world, as well as how important Stonewall Farm is to the surrounding community. It is reassuring to know that my event coordinating  can help make a difference here as all rentals help support our mission!


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